Tuesday, April 15, 2014


If you happend to have missed it, it was Coachella last weekend. So of course my tumblr and instagramfeed were filled with pictures of people being there.
Every year I love checking out what my favorite celebirty's wear. I'm always in love with Vanessa Hudgens her outfits, they're the perfect festival outfits.
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Saturday, April 12, 2014

OUTFIT - Pink Zebra

If I could be anywhere right now, I would definitely be found at Coachella. Every year I'm jealous of all those people on instagram and tumblr enjoying themselves at Coachella, whilst I'm stuck here.
It would be a dream come true to go there even just once.
Unfortunately I've been sat at home, trying to finish this script by monday, but it's not moving along.
If I could choose which course I would follow, this course would not be on my list. Sadly I can't choose my courses and I need to pass this one to graduate, not that that is any help motivating me.

I've had this dress for almost a year and it has just been hanging in my closet and I've never really worn it. I'm still not a hundred percent convinced, but I'm in love with the print and I do kinda like it.
It's actually not really that warm to go out barelegged, but this dress doesn't work with thighs and I'm indoors working away for college anyway. What do you guys think about this dress?
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Thursday, April 10, 2014

WISH I WORE #4 White and pastels

Mint Jumper - New Look ⎪ Pencil Skirt -Zara ⎪ Necklace - H&M ⎪ Leather Shopper - H&M ⎪ Watch - ASOS ⎪ Jelly Sandals - Topshop

I'm really liking white at the moment, even though I don't own that many white pieces. I've always stayed away from white, I've always been more in love with black, but I'm starting to really like it.
 I've seen this Zara skirt on a few bloggers already and I'm in love with it, best thing: it's only €20.
I'm going shopping with my sister and nieces next monday and I'll definitely pop into Zara to see if they have it.
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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

OUTFIT - Before the storm

These pictures were taken yesterday before it started storming, it's definitely chillier today and not crop-top weather anymore. Even yesterday it was really weird weather, it was warm but it was really waiting till it would start raining.
Like I promised I'm wearing something else then my ever present black flats and jeans.

As I said in last time I'm on break right now, I just wish easter break meant not having to to anything for college for a while, but it's actually when we have to finish most of our projects, studied teachers.
I've reinstalled the sims 3 earlier today and I've been playing it all afternoon, probably not the best move when I have a deadline next week and still no idea what my commercial is gonna be about, oops.
So I'm gonna go and try to make some progress on this stupid project.
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Saturday, April 05, 2014

OUTFIT - easter break

I swear I own more clothes than what you've seen in the past few outfits, I'm just super lazy when it comes to getting dressed lately so I just keep picking out the same things. I promise the next outfit will not feature (black) jeans and these flats.
We've been having some amazing spring days this past week. Granted the days start out pretty grey and chilly but in the afternoon it's amazing to be outside in the sun. I'm hoping this weather will last, after all we're only april, and it can still be very cold in april.

I'm officially on easter-break since wednesday, and I haven't done a thing yet. I need to work on some school projects, plus I want to take advantage of being home for two weeks to work on a bedroom project as well. And I should kinda start making a planning for the up coming exams.
Today I went to a local book fair with my boyfriend and I didn't buy any books (since I still haven't read some of the books I bought there two years ago), well I'm lying I bought a cookbook, but those don't really count as book you read right? I just love cooking and buying cookbooks.
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Thursday, April 03, 2014


I'm still in love with pastel hair colors and I still want to go blonde sometime this year. I'm just not sure yet what type of blonde. Every time I think I made up my mind, I see someone with an amazing hair color and I start doubting again.
My love for white is still going strong this spring, despite not owning many white pieces. I'm always hesitant to actually buy white pieces and in stores I always go for black of grey.
I'm obsessed with triangl bikini's and I want one so badly but they are so expensive. I'm just a poor student I can't afford a 90$ bikini no matter how pretty they are. Maybe I'll convince my boyfriend to buy one for my birthday (even though my birthday is in december, shh)

I would love it if you could nominate http://insideherimagination.blogspot.be in the Company Style Blogger Awards in Association with Missguided as 'Best International Blog'
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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

RECAP - March

I can't believe it's already april, only two more months and this semester is over again.
Which means I should start reviewing my courses pretty soon, if I want to be ready for exams in June and I really need to get working on my projects. Enough about school and exams and projects now, even though that's basically what my life is.
I've been really lazy with dressing this month, I literally always wore a variation of one of these three outfits.

I didn't really buy a lot of things either, and what I bought wasn't that interesting.
I was contacted by a brand called Pieboy clothing, if they could sent me one of their hats. Now as you know I'm a major beanies person, so I was thrilled to receive one of their hats. I'm kinda (just a little bit) bummed out that it's getting to warm to wear beanies because this one is just amazing. My boyfriend treated me on two pants. I picked out these Zara tartan pants and a pair of jeans with a jogger pants type of fabric in the front. They're a pair of pants that you either love or you hate them, I thought they were really nice and perfect for a simple relaxed day. Otherwise I got some basic black jeans, my other ones were all ripped, so I needed a new pair and you've all seen these flats already. i've been living in them.

I've been trying to type this post for two days now, but bloggers keep annoying me with moving my pictures randomly in my posts. Hopefully this time they will stay in place. Hence why my outfits aren't in order, but every time I try to rearrange them blogger flips out, so I'm leaving them like this.
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