OUTFIT - something blue

on Saturday, January 25, 2014


One of the reasons why I picked this scarf, and not a regular black and red tartan one, is that this one goes with a lot more colors. It has a bit of but and green in it as well, making so much more versatile.
I should be kept away from beanies, I will keep on buying them. I went from owning one last year, to way to many this winter.

It's my last weekend studying and I keep doing other things. They say the last one is the hardest, and it's simply because you're just ready to be done with studying. I have the last exam tuesday and afterwards I'm going to ikea picking up a nightstand, which I still need and a reading lamp.
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Love your hat and your coat! You've styled everything so well


by Amy Liddell on 1/25/2014 11:17 PM. #

Love your tartan scarf!!

Ellen xx

by Ellen Atlanta on 1/26/2014 12:44 AM. #

Great pictures, you look so lovely.


by megcasson on 1/27/2014 1:18 PM. #

i'm in love with blue

by Justalazymorning on 1/31/2014 5:10 PM. #

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