Saturday, January 25, 2014

OUTFIT - something blue

One of the reasons why I picked this scarf, and not a regular black and red tartan one, is that this one goes with a lot more colors. It has a bit of but and green in it as well, making so much more versatile.
I should be kept away from beanies, I will keep on buying them. I went from owning one last year, to way to many this winter.

It's my last weekend studying and I keep doing other things. They say the last one is the hardest, and it's simply because you're just ready to be done with studying. I have the last exam tuesday and afterwards I'm going to ikea picking up a nightstand, which I still need and a reading lamp.
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Amy Liddell said...

Love your hat and your coat! You've styled everything so well

Ellen Atlanta said...

Love your tartan scarf!!

Ellen xx

megcasson said...

Great pictures, you look so lovely.

Justalazymorning said...

i'm in love with blue

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